Client Care Portal

This is the home page of our private and secure client care platform, we built this specifically for you, our clients.  Most of you want to be financially well organised and we have designed and created this specifically to meet your needs and to help us support your decision making during the course of your life. 

Our 30+ years of experience, has revealed that our clients have several shared objectives:

  • To be treated fairly
  • To have a life long source of advice they can trust at a competitive cost
  • To know that we will always be here to support them no matter what life throws at them
  • To be coached and advised and occasionally told what to do
  • To be financially well organised 
  • To make the very best use of their resources in order to help them to achieve their version of the good life
  • To have their affairs structured tax efficiently to help ensure that their hard earned wealth benefits them and their loved ones 

Having, at your finger tips, details of all important financial arrangements is the cornerstone of being financially well organised.  It helps to simplify your decision making and greatly simplifies the process of monitoring and reviewing your affairs.  

Reviews are essential in order to take account of changes in your circumstances, legislation and the economy.   They also allow us to carry out the appropriate analysis and produce the relevant scenarios that the changes may give rise to.  Perhaps most importantly, proper regular reviews means that your arrangements will always be fine tuned to meet your requirements.

Your unique login will allow you to access this home page, as well as a suite of pages tailored to your individual needs and circumstances:

  • Your own Financial Planning page, which securely holds all of the important information related to your goals/objectives and your financial arrangements as well as copies of your important documents. 
  • Your own Project Page(s) which will hold all of the information and documents related to the projects we are working on for and with you
  • Support pages which provide explanations and support material about the various plans and arrangements which underpin your financial objectives.   

With a little bit of practice and time, we feel sure that you will find this very useful. We are here to help you if you have any difficulty using this platform as well as being here to help and support you in your endeavors to create and live your version of the good life.

Usage examples:

  • Here are some more examples of how we use our secure client service platform: 
  • manage projects for you and share everything with you and our team
  • share notes, documents, information and news with you and our team
  • add forms to collect data and process your requests 
  • discuss and share information, answer questions and provide guidance which will support the arrangements we have established for you and much much more