Money May Be The Last Taboo

Money May Be The Last Taboo

We have discovered that people will discuss their work, their children, their parents. They’ll even disclose problems they may be having in their marriages or with their health. But rarely do they talk, in anything other than general terms, about the one thing we all have in common, MONEY.

It’s what supports all of us. Yet, it appears to be the last great taboo. How many of us have hesitated to talk about financial issues with our own spouse? Even when a client talks with a typical financial adviser, they often don’t dare to articulate what they really want to get out of life and how they would like their money to support them. 

Adviser training is an ongoing process but our belief is that the training should not be exclusively in the area of technical know-how and it is for this reason that we train our people to explore unexamined territory including taboos. These can be painfully counter-productive, as they can get in the way of you achieving and living your version of the good life. Our team are trained so that they can deal with your dreams and aspirations and any taboos that may be getting in the way sensitively and professionally.

It has been our belief for very many years that developing this kind of client relationship skill is the future of the advisory profession and how to engage with clients, one that focuses first on the person and secondly on their portfolio. Of course, solid financial strategies have to be developed for you but first, we must understand what the money is for. This is often the hardest question for people to answer, but with time and consultation the answer usually emerges. 

Our aim is simply to go beyond investment management and create a truly personal plan that will help you to get from where you are now to where you want to be.