What We Do

What We Do

Put simply, what we do is support you with all of your financial decision making throughout your life and the following 3-step process is used to help achieve this:

PLAN – involves working closely with you to gather information to enable us to see clearly:

  • where you are now
  • where you want to be and by when 
  • what you need to do to get there 

The plan is in effect, a financial road map, showing how all of the proposed actions will help you to achieve your desired lifestyle, which for most is a case of living your own version of the good life.

IMPLEMENT – at the core of the “Implement” stage are the range of specially negotiated specialist services, which we have developed over the years. Investment Management service, Retirement Planning service and our Wills and Estate Planning service.

We will guide you through the full implementation process and explain everything in detail.

REVIEW – it is vital that the plan is regularly reviewed, monitored and tweaked to take account of the inevitable changes that will surely come to pass.  

Changes in taxation, inflation changes, investment conditions are sure to change.  As well as the inevitable changes in your personal circumstances.  The ageing process alone gives rise to changes, which will need to be addressed in time.

Our comprehensive service ensures that we work with you and your family to ensure that your planning remains current and appropriate in the light of all of the above changes.  We also want to help ensure a smooth low cost, tax efficient transfer of your unused asset to your loved ones when the time comes.

ADMINISTRATION – we have invested heavily in our administration and support services and our client care service is delivered using a bespoke set of system tools and at the heart of this is our unique “Intranet”. 

All of our clients using our comprehensive service will have their own login (username and password) for our Intranet.  This will gives you access to a wide range of important and useful information; general information as well as your own private and secure information:

  • Home page – with it’s reference sections,  “About Investment” “About Retirement Options” “About Estate Planning” is intended to support the various discussions we have regarding your financial planning.  
  • Your personal “Financial Planning” page – which will show all of the information related to all of your financial arrangements and store in one place all your important papers and documents.
  • Your personal “Project” pages – these will be shown on specific project pages, making it easy for you to see what needs doing and what we are doing.
  • What I own and Where it is Kept page – a great present for your loved ones  – a time will come when your heirs will need to have everything related to your affairs together in one place.  This can be very time consuming, stressful and expensive.  Our “What I own and Where it is Kept” service can save a huge amount of time and money for your loved ones, when the time comes.