About Investment

A Balanced Approach to Investment

Most of our clients, take a balanced approach to investment. As the name, balanced, indicates, a balanced approach, is a combination of growth investing and income investing. 

We believe investors are well served, as they age, by employing both strategies.
A balanced approach means you get some long-term inflation protection and capital appreciation through the higher risk, higher reward growth investments. Meanwhile, the income generated through solid dividend-paying shares, together with Fixed Interest and some alternative investments means you get some stability in your portfolio.

Investing is equal parts, art and science, and there’s certainly not a one-size-fits-all approach. But with the right timeline and temperament, backed by sound investment discipline, as is provided through our very robust Discretionary Management Service, you have a portfolio that will be a great source of long term security and wealth generation in the years ahead.

Information to Aid Your Understanding of Investing and investment:
In addition to the notes and documents below, here you will find a lot of plain English guides on investment.