Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Independent Financial Planning

Do you have a financial plan?

Have you ever taken the time to write down what your goals are in life and then thought how you will achieve them?

It’s a useful exercise and one which we ask our clients to undertake at an early stage in our advice process. It helps you to focus on what your priorities are and how likely you are to achieve them by simply continuing to do what you do now.

Whatever your priorities, the chances are you will not achieve all of them unless you plan how you are going to make them a reality. That plan itself will need to be reviewed regularly and modified when necessary to take into account the progress already made and any recent changes in your circumstances.

Planning for success…

There are many different methods of achieving long term financial goals – be it investing for income or growth in a range of assets, repaying debt early to save on interest costs, or reorganising finances in a cost effective and tax efficient method.

The real skill is knowing which of these is most suitable for you, when to implement them (and how long for), how they will work together and what future events could impact on them.

This is where an experienced, well qualified and trusted financial planner can help you.

Just as people’s objectives differ, so will their plans – and so does the advice we provide. But whilst our advice is individually tailored to each client, the process we follow is very consistent – developed over a number of years of working with clients at different life stages and with different long term objectives and has proven to assist in the achievement of their goals.

To achieve this, we offer a flexible method of paying for our work.

If the most suitable solution does not involve a product, we won’t recommend one. We will simply advise you of the best strategies to achieve your goals. This may involve methods such as repaying debt or investing in cash accounts.

Our advice often incorporates comprehensive cash flow modelling, which is part of our Holistic Financial Planning service.

Holistic Financial Planning Service

As part of our Holistic Financial Planning Service we will investigate a number of different areas and combine the results to shape your overall financial strategy:

  • The risks you face and careful matching against your risk profile
  • The various tax implications and opportunities
  • Getting the right balance between debt and cash-flow management
  • Meeting your Estate Planning requirements upon your death protecting you and your estate against the impact of the costs of Long Term Care

In summary, Holistic Financial Planning means doing that which you would do for yourself – if you had the time, inclination and expertise.

Whatever your planning requirements, we always aim to provide value for money, relative to the work involved and the benefits of our advice.

If you do not wish to have the full Financial Planning Service we also offer Financial Advice in specific areas such as:

  • Pensions (including PPP’s, GPP’s, Stakeholder pensions, Pension Transfers, SIPP’s, SSAS’s, annuities and Income Drawdown),
  • Investments (Including ISA’s, Shares, Unit Trusts, OEIC’s and Investment Trusts).